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The Ranger Knights is an independent group that has become indispensable to the city-state of Khelekeska. Made up of independent elves, humans, and beast folk, these scouts constantly scour the land and return with news and updates for the lords of the great city. They are also hired by other parties to provide scouting services and overland travel security, including marcher lords and merchants.

They also have some unusual mounts in their stables. Depending on the terrain they intend to traverse or investigate, they'll choose different mounts. Aside from horses, they also maintain ice drakes, which are feathered, bipedal creatures capable of blending in and maneuvering in forested and mountainous areas. However, while capable of bursts of speed, they are not noted for their endurance. The Ranger Knights even have a few trained griffons used by handlers specially trained to deal with these aggressive carnivores. Griffons are expensive to maintain and fly, so intel gathered using them is an expensive proposition for a client.

Aspects: Far-ranging Scouts, Ice-drake Riders, Vigilant Warriors