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The following Templates are useful formatting Fate characters.

One thing that is remarkable about templates is that you can use any standard wiki formatting within them. So you can add extra formatting if you like, beyond what the template offers.



This template can be included in a page by inserting {{FatePC}} anywhere in the page. You might find the FatePC help page more useful, however. You can copy the example code and paste that into a new page. Then go in and just set the variables to whatever you want them for the character. The template will handle the formatting.



This template is optional, often used within the FatePC template above. Templates can be used inside other templates. All this one does is apply a bit of formatting to stunts and their accompanying descriptions. You can include it by adding {{Stunt|Name=YourStunt|Description=StuntDescription}} and changing YourStunt and StuntDescription to whatever you need.



More compact than the FatePC template, you can use {{FateNPC}}to your wiki page. Again, you might find the FateNPC Help page useful as it contains code you can simply copy and paste. It includes all the variables you can answer, as you wish.

Fate Creatures & NPCs Template[edit]


This template doesn't have to be used, but might be helpful for those who would rather not worry about formatting. Use {{FateCC}} to add the template to your page. There should be a FateCC Help page available for reference.