The Glymjack Hollow

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The Glymjack Hollow.JPG

Location: a crater with a pond fed by an underground spring in the Fae Realm near Mythic City.

There is a cave adjacent to it that Mira has long used as a bedroom, entertainment chamber, etc. However, she hasn't entertained "guests" there since she grouped with Less and Rey. Her only permanent companion at the pond that remains is Ollie her pet otter she "rescued" from the Mythic Zoo.

Aspect: An Entrancing Spring

Shadow Gate: Mira's pond in Mythic can open to this location in the Fae Realm at night, and if three stones are in alignment at the bottom of the pond.

Other: A trail leads away from the hidden hollow that eventually meets up with other paths in the wilds of the Fae Realm. They might be navigated to find other gates back to the Mainland. This requires navigation with the Dream skill, or perhaps other powers, or previous knowledge of where another gate might be found.

Resident faerie: Auriel, a small sprite works as a housekeeper in exchange for use of the have as well as free room and board. Aspect: A Sprite Princess