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The Princewald is a large forest in Avonia that was given to lunar elf immigrants and refugees three centuries ago by the well-established Avonian Empire. It was named the Princewald, the Prince's Forest, in honor of the first High Prince of the Avonian Empire. This forest stretches from the northern banks of the River Avon east for two hundred fifty miles and north to the foot of the Black Mountains for another two hundred fifty miles. The Moonsilver Hills bound the northern and eastern edges of the forest.

Although it is rich in game animals and lumber, these resources are untouched by the Kingdom of Avonia. Law states this forest belongs to the lunar elves of the Princewald alone, and it is theres to shepherd or use as they see fit. These elves provide a healthy but carefully maintained and monitored trade of fur and lumber with their neighbors and while there never seems to be enough high quality wood and fur to meet demand, they always ask for no more than a fair price.

The Princewald is primarily a deciduous forest. The most famous trees are the venerable white oaks that stand in the northern heart of the woods and provide shelter and homes for the lunar elf capital of Nim Barad. When referring to their nation they say "Barad en' i' Ithil", which of course most Avonians manage to mangle into "Baradenithil". It means Tower of the Moon, after their capital Nim Barad, "White Tower".

Customs of Barad en' i' Ithil[edit]

  • We never turn away a guest or a friend.
  • We achieve balance through cultured civility.
  • We stand on our own, but we are not alone.
  • We do not judge, but we do make our opinions known.
  • We consider a breach of etiquette an insult.


The following aspects represent people revered in this culture and who represent the ideals of the culture. These are roles that can be attained within the culture. They, or variations of them, can be used to help define an NPC aspects.

  • Royal Trader, Alchemical Artist, Sage of Ancient Lore, Poetic Master of Spoken Word, The Magnanimous Noble

Cultural Values[edit]

The following one-word descriptive adjectives or nouns can be used to describe what things this culture values. Use them to help fill out aspects for NPCs and to help provide a deeper sense of who the people of this culture are.

  • Art
  • Barter
  • Expression
  • Graciousness
  • Helpfulness
  • Insight
  • Intelligence
  • Lore
  • Opinion
  • Serenity

Cultural History[edit]

The Rending of the World unleashed terrible creatures that ravaged Faerie and those lunar elf cities that survived the Rending. This resulted in the Flight from Faerie. But after years of demonstrating peaceful intent and lending their considerable arcane might to the Avonian Empire, the High Prince of that time granted the lunar elves the entire Princewald. In time, the lunars adopted many of the customs of Avonia and now function as a vassal state of Avonia. They rule themselves under a king and queen of their own and are the only nonhuman race to have been granted a title of nobility by Avonia, either under Empire or the present day Kingdom.

For three hundred years Barad en' i' Ithil has prospered and stood as an accomplishment for the lunar elf people. Yet it is not the only city on Erandor to be peopled with lunar elf immigrants. There are lunar cities twelve hundred miles to the north in lands forever locked in ice. These pale elves may be called ice elves by their neighbors, but they are in fact the same race as the lunars that live within the shelter of the Princewald.

The departure of ancient Innora, goddess of the moon, as well as the gods Corin and Bellath, has left Doubt in Baradenithil Beliefs. Rumor has it that a new god of elves has arisen, but little is yet known. The priestesses of the old gods either remain powerless and adrift, or have begun to look toward the Avonian patron deities of Val'Tor and Neela. Yet many wonder if these gods are right for the lunar elf people.

Recently, High Lady Bronwyn was crowned Queen in a the first-ever Coronation at Nim Barad. This event was given Avonia's full support and even though Queen Bronwyn still offers fealty to the King and Queen of Avonia, she is considered a peer by the Avonian monarchs. Her advice is considered carefully by Avonia when it is given.

A few years ago, the first attempts on the part of the night elves of Shadaar were made to engage Baradenithil diplomatically. These first attempts were turned away immediately on the advice of Avonia who were suspicious. It was not long ago when night elf airships were seen to be raiding the orcs of the Blood Hills, causing them to surge against eastern Avonia. But it was unclear if this was an intended result. Now a new ambassador has arrived. After numerous private meetings, the people are concerned that the Queen may in fact be Considering an Alliance with Shadaar. Rumors haven't stopped there, however. Some say the night elf ambassador is not only a daughter of the Empress Sabilia, but had once lived as a slave of an Avonian noble.

Cultural Skills[edit]

The culture’s skill pyramid has Empathy at it’s peak with Fight and Lore below it, and NPCs from this culture will tend have these at a higher than normal rank for an NPC of that type.

Cultural Stunts[edit]


  • (Paragon) Situational Intelligence. You have a knack for detecting when things are about to wrong. When you make an Empathy roll to see if you catch a change in someone's attitude, intent, or emotional stability, you gain a +2 to the roll.
  • (Rebel) Confidant. Most lunar elves would consider personal or emotional problems to be private matters. However, you are an adept sounding board and speaking with you usually helps. By performing this service, once per session you can reduce someone else's consequence by one level of severity. This requires a successful Empathy roll with a difficulty of Fair (+2) for a mild consequence, Good (+3) for a moderate consequence, and Great (+4) for a severe consequence. This requires at least a half hour session. You can't use this stunt on yourself.


  • (Paragon) Duelist. A serious breach of hospitality or etiquette shall not go unanswered, and you are just the one to answer such offense. When wielding a finesse weapon such as rapier or dagger, you not only gain the normal bonus when wielding it, when your attack hits you do +1 extra stress.
  • (Rebel) Dirty Fighting. When you successfully place an underhanded aspect using a create an advantage with Fight such as Sand in Your Eyes, Low Blow, or Kick to the Knee, you gain a +3 bonus when you invoke it instead of the usual +2 bonus.


  • (Paragon) Alchemical Artistry. You gain a +2 to Lore attempts to prepare a temporary alchemical item, be it a potion, salve, oil, etc.
  • (Rebel) Student of Foreign History. Rare is the lunar elf scholar that is concerned about the history of far away people and places, but you are precisely that. Pick a specific culture or region that you have studied. You have a +2 to Lore rolls related to it.

This culture was created with guidance from the excellent article, "Culture from the Outside In", from the Fate Codex: Vol. 1, Issue 2.