The Principality of Rathport

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Also an epic-scale entity, Rathport consists of a town of several thousand people, as well as nearby villages along the northern coast of Malfurion Isle. There is a primary fortification at the town itself, as well as few more distant outposts controlled by vassals.

Aspect: The Feudal Principality of Rathport


+3: Army, Fortifications
+2: Resources, Contacts
+1: Scouts, Lore

The Fortifications skill is used to make defense rolls should the principality be attacked. It represents the small stone castle overlooking the town of Rathport as well as a few small outlying towers that defend the small realm.

The Army skill represents the principality’s ability to attack and inflict damage upon that which threatens it. They represent the skill of a small force of highly trained professionals. Units and individuals can be described as nameless npcs.

Scouts provide a Notice or Investigation skill.


Port City.
Twice per trading season, the principality can draw upon it’s sea trade to fatten the coffers, gaining a boost for Resources rolls.