The Shield Maidens

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A group created by Lady Calvi to assist her in her role of court sorceress, the maidens are equipped with literal shields against magic and trained for battle. Calvus asked her to fund them.

The first member was Lupa Fabina, a priestess of Innora.

Their headquarters resides at Shield Hall, a manor owned by Lady Calvi and whose lands include practice fields, large pastures and farmable land.

Calvi can summon a pair of Good nameless maidens or a quad of Fair nameless maidens at need.

Typical shield maiden (Good nameless NPC):

Aspects: Shield Maiden, Enchanted Tattoos
Skills: +3 Fight, +2 Athletics, +2 Shoot
Stress: ❑❑
Equipment: Spear, Shield. Enchanted Tattoos have one free invocation per scene and are used to defend against magical attack.

Shield maidens as supporting characters might have the following stunts:

Ally’s Shield.
Invoke the Shield Maiden aspect when an ally in the same zone is attacked. The attacked is then redirected to the maiden.
A Shield Maiden

Numbers as of Autumn 502AR: Named (2):

  • Fabina
  • Canilla

Nameless: 13.

Although they rotate, six are always present at the Gate Tower, three trained veterans, three new recruits.


Lady Calvi has also made an arrangements with a night elf woman for special training for her new Shield Maidens. Her name is Torradril. She once commanded Solvra’s personal guard, but has since chosen to follow her own path as an adventurer. She is an exemplary dancer (think belly dance); fluid, powerful, sensual. She arrived with the first trading group of Shadaari in Rathport, having hired on as a caravan guard. Now she’s settled in the Elven District of Rathport, using her personal fortune to purchase her own place.