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Scale: Small (a single city)

Current Issue: The Brimstone Barony wants to conquer the Golden Mesa fae. So doing will gain them prestige, power, and likely allow them to overtake the Desert Duchy’s power.

Aspect: The Baron’s War

Impending Issue: A group is hunting supernaturals. They pop up, someone gets nabbed, and then they disappear. Sooner or later, the PCs will have to deal with them.

Aspect: Shadow of the Blackened Hand

Setting Aspect: Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing (Existing)

Groups & Locations[edit]

Fief of the Golden Mesa[edit]

Summer Court fae organization which holds most sway over areas of western Mythic City and adjacent portions of the Fae Realm.

Face: Countess Dahlia Blackthorn, Just and Gracious Leader of the Seelie Court

Brimstone Barony[edit]

Winter Court fae whose base of power includes eastern and downtown Mythic City.

Face: Baron Charles Carnifex, Ambitious Lord of the Urban Dark

Desert Duchy[edit]

The elder of the two courts of Unseelie, it's base of power is in Santa Fe, though it has deep roots into southern portions of Mythic City.

Face: "The Duke" Lord of Snakes