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Date Event
July 2003 Tally moves to Lansing to live with Baba Mina and begin her wizard training.
July 2011 Calvin Laughing Fox, apprentice to Listens-to-Wind dies in a raid against Red Court.
February 2013 Zak Evermeet arrives in Lansing and rents a studio apartment.
April 2013 The Ghost Pipers - story as part of original character creation sequence.
May 1, 2013 Come Here Often? - story part of the original character creation sequence
May 10, 2013 Night Fears - When Zak is hired to track down a dangerous psychic, he asks for Tally's help. The trail leads them to an abandoned house outside the city. There's no sign of the psychic, but both Zak and Tally can sense there's something seriously wrong with that house. Can they find their criminal and get out of there alive?
(date) Dog's Life - Two thugs show up at Crossroads Bar & Grill looking for Tally, Zak is concerned despite her brushing it off like it was a minor occurrence. When Tally goes missing, unexpected allies offer to help find her - for a price.
(date) If It's Not One Thing... - Someone is bringing stolen artifacts and relics into Lansing, some of them already cursed, and others that have become so. Whoever is behind this needs to be stopped before things get really ugly.