Vampire Minions

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Newly made/young vampires are sometimes used as cannon fodder for cruel vampire overlords. These are best used as Good minions with two stress boxes and a top skill of Good (+3).

Common Aspects

High Concept: Young Vampire, Vicious and Anxious to Prove Himself
Not Known for Having Self Control


+3: Brawl or Physique
+2: Athletics, Notice
+1: Any skill the character had in life

Typically none, but can use Create an Advantage on the High Concept aspect to emulate Vampire abilities such as incredible strength, speed, and toughness. Sometimes they might invoke their high concept aspect to produce claws or vicious fangs.

Stress: ❑❑

They usually are unarmed, reveling in the destructive power they have just being vampires. However, they are capable of picking up and using weapons or improvising weapons as any mortal might.

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