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Werecat Collectors

Rey appeared at Less's doorstep shortly thereafter.

Less had been checking on his contacts in the Phoenix area. He knew of both Summer and Winter court fae, mostly gnomes and salamanders, who had needed his help in setting up new lives. There were a pair of artists, one who worked for one of the struggling newspapers, and a ranger in the National Park. He had transferred their details into his pocket notebook. There were a few others but he had lost track of them and couldn't get in touch. He had also reached out to people he knew on the east end of the country but it would take some time for his agents there to compile information for him.

He was ready when Rey arrived, Claire having helped him pack his overnight bag. She had slipped away only minutes before. He wore a wide-brimmed hat and some boots that looked like they might have seen service in WWI, if WWI had been fought over a desert. A bulky camera swung cumbersomely from around his neck. "Ah, Rey!" he greeted her warmly when he opened the door. He was excited by the prospect of the road-trip out of the city. A few days away from his courtly duties was very freeing, even if the destination more than likely involved dangerous jaguars, and danger to Mira specifically.

Rey wasn't nearly as chipper as Less was, seemingly more resigned to the situation than anything else. She was dressed in jeans and a green scoop necked shirt, with her leather jacket, cowboy boots and a scarf wrapped jauntily around her neck. She didn't have a bag with her, just her purse. "Hi Less," she said softly. "Ready to go?"

"Yes!" He grabbed a round, drum-shaped canteen from the back of a chair and tested the tightness of the cap. "Do you think we could stop at the Petrified Forest National Park? I know we're looking for Mira but what's an extra hour?" He expected Rey to carry his suitcase to the car, but she just gave him look. His umbrella bumped along behind him incongruously under the bright blue sky. "I've got all my Phoenix contacts here, so I'll start calling them from the car to see if they've seen or heard of Mira. I also thought we could stop by the Mythic bus station to see if anyone remembers her - to find out what she might have been wearing or any other clues."

"We'll stop at the bus station," Rey said with a distinct frown. "This is a business trip. You can go sightseeing on your own time." There was no way she was going to go out of her way to entertain him when she had to give up her precious time with Chase. When they got her to car, she popped the trunk so Less could load his things next to her backpack and messenger bag, and then got into the driver's seat when he moved to the front passenger seat.

Less didn't register Rey's grumpiness as unusual. He had four or so hours to convince Rey she needed to take a rest stop at the Petrified Forest. He settled his canteen and umbrella between his feet and shuffled through his notes. "I know several of the people at the bus station. The train station is one of their regular stops and they often need my help finding lost passengers."

It was a short trip to get to the station. It was moderately busy this time of night with a few clumps of people waiting on benches inside the air conditioned building. A tickets clerk was on duty behind a kiosk with heavy, bullet-proof glass on three sides. The glass front of the building gave folks a clear view of what buses were boarding.

The clerk, while obviously a little bored, was a dark-haired young man with a sharp nose and bright, brown eyes. A bell announced their arrival and he watched them to see if they might buy tickets. These days, plenty of bus lines offered online sales, which kind of made his own job that much more boring.

"Hello Emilio," said Less. The clerk probably didn't know him, but Less made it his business to understand the organisational structure of the places his passengers needed to go. He presented his train station employee card. "I'm looking for information about a woman who left for Phoenix four days ago. Her name is Mira Naia, a very pretty Asian girl but with pale skin. She was traveling with her friend Kiera who also has dark hair."

Rey stayed back and out of the way, keeping an eye on the area around them, and if anyone seemed to have an interest in what she and Less were doing.

Emilio smiled widely. He met a lot of people in this job but didn't remember half of them. He was sure he must know this gentleman as a customer. "Hi. Uh, yeah. Real pretty woman? Well maybe. The only one that really stands out to me gave me a different name. Is your girl one with long hair? Traveled with a tall brunette, dressed kind trashy?"

He described Kiera, Mira's latest roommate. Though Less might not have recalled that, Rey was familiar and could confirm that was the woman they were looking for.

"Oh! Okay yeah sure! I remember. Of course I remember her. She was by four days ago and bought tickets. I thought she was a real knockout, you know? Is a knockout. She wanted round trip so I thought, okay Emilio! You have maybe a couple days to work up the courage to ask her out. Who am I, right? Nobody. But if you don't try you never get anywhere. That's what I say. So she comes back through two days ago. I waived to her and came out of the box to meet her. I did it! I actually asked her for her name and phone number. She gave me this." He showed them a piece of paper and pressed it against the window so they could read it clearly. It read:

555-Im-Taken. Sorry sweety! -- Nikki

"Anyway, she was really nice about it, didn't put me down or anything. She and her friend left." Emilio's grin faded away then as worry took it's place. "But after I got back in my ticket box I noticed these three guys, one tall fellow in a hoody and two hispanic-looking dudes took off after Nikki and her friend. Or Mira. I called security because they looked like trouble, but they didn't find anyone." He shrugged helplessly. "I'm really sorry if something has happened. She seemed really nice."

Rey immediately pulled out her cell phone, turned her back on Less for some privacy, and called Remy. "We think she may actually have returned to Mythic and possibly grabbed here," she said without preamble when he answered. "Is there a way you can find out where her old cell phone might be, if it's one?" She hated having to work with him, but a deal as a deal.

"Yes," Remy replied. "I will contact you with any info I might discover. Do you know who took her?"

Rey repeated the vague description. "Could be anyone, but that's all we've got for now."

"Very well. I will call you when I have something," Remy said, then immediately cut the connection. A few moments later, Rey got a text from the number she'd called. A single word: Nothing.

She walked over to Less. "Why don't you ask around, see if someone has seen Mira or whatever. I'll see what I can do with what info we've already got. We might get lucky."

After two hours of searching, questioning and wandering the streets and back allies of the area, Less and Rey felt anything but lucky. Finally they came out of a particularly murky alley to reorient themselves under a streetlight. The street was empty here, deserted in that ominous way that the most rundown of inner city slums can manage. Aside from the hooded figure and two dark forms, that slowly turned their way to peer at them from across the street, there was no other living thing present, not even a roosting pigeon. That's when both their phones alerted them to a new text message.

Run [Rey or Less]! Just trust me and run, now!

The sender appeared as Unknown. The date sent? Three days ago.

Less stared at the text message. Run now or three days ago? he wondered.

"Less, come on!" Rey wasn't one to ignore warnings and she took off toward what she hoped was the less deserted - and safer - direction.

Less and Rey raced down the nearest street. They had started with a half block distance ahead, but without looking back they knew pursuers were gaining. A glance over her shoulder gave Rey the sinking feeling that, by the easy pace those three were maintaining and still gaining on them, that they were being toyed with. There was nothing for it but to prove "toying" was a mistake. Pouring on all the speed they had, Rey and Less shot down one street and then another, where they thought there was more light.

Unfortunately, the light they sought turned out to be about the last working light in this place. One last, lone street lamp stood flickering, as if struggling to hold back the dark. Hoody and Gang were spreading out to envelop them and cut them off from alleys. As they ran by, the street lamp flickered as if struggling against the drowning darkness and then went out with a buzzing pop.

They tripped over curbs and trash, made their way past stripped and rusting cars while hoping their eyes adjusted before Hoody caught them. Now when Less looked back, he witnessed three sets of yellow, glowing eyes and gleaming white teeth with two inch fangs. These weren't vampires, but something else, something monstrous and he had a sinking feeling he'd met something like them before. When one of them sprang onto the low roof of a nearby garage with ease, his mind superimposed a dark figure leaping into a vine-covered tree deep in a jungle.

Yep. Those guys could be something like that.

A rusting minivan sat in front of a big, chain-link fence. Blinking, they made out the ragged outline of a close factory past the fence. The rusty razor wire on top strongly discouraged any ideas of climbing the fence. A whoosh of air was all the warning they had, but they took it and dove flat as the dark shape of a growling man flew just over their heads and caught the side of the chain link fence. His roar made weakened knees and loosened resolve, but they rolled to their feet and fled.

Now their flight seemed to be taking some direction. Hoody or one of his gang began to cut them off when they tried to double back or veer off in a new direction, but they began to hang back a little, giving Rey and Less time to slow their mad dash into something they could maintain.

Rounding the corner of a large brick bakery with barred windows, they jumped into an alley to catch their breath. That was when they really began to feel it. Something was wrong here. Aside from the terrifying experience of being hunted by man-creatures through the darkest, most run-down section of Mythic City, they both felt something that jangled their nerves and pushed at their minds. Something crept into the corners of their vision, placing shadows that disappeared when they looked directly at them. A creeping dread began to seep into their hearts. There was something else out there, something other than Hoody and the Gang. It was dark, soul-crushingly bleak; some kind of magic that frayed nerves, and nibble away at reason to leave raw, unfiltered emotion.

"This is Unseelie magic," Rey said between panting breaths. "The message warning us to run, and now this. Could it be Mira, knowing what was going to happen because of her prophetic talent?" She tried to stop scanning the dark, looking for things she knew were probably just in her head.

"Or a trick to herd us into their trap?" Exhaustion overwhelmed Less but, as a sylph, his breath was nearly always even and regular. He risked a swig from the canteen that had been bouncing annoyingly against his side the whole chase. "I suppose we've run into East Mythic by now. How is your resolve to find a peaceful solution holding up?"

"If I shoot them and don't kill them immediately," Rey replied. "It will only make them angry." She looked around to see if Hoody and friends were still advancing, and for a possible direction to continue running - or a good place to hide.

"So, aim for the head." He gripped his umbrella. "Where do they want us to go? And how do we avoid going there? I could take to the skies. I would hunt around for a door to the Realms if this wasn't exactly where they wanted us."

A roar echoed from among buildings nearby, answered by another not far away. They were getting closer, but moved cautiously.

"If this was where they wanted us to go, they wouldn't be acting the way they are. Come on. We need to keep moving." Rey continued down the alley for the next street, keeping her eyes peeled for an escape route, a secure place to hide, or a friendly face.

"Where's Sissy and her lycanthrope-hunting mercenaries when you need them!?" Less whispered as they led the chase once more. He kept his fae eyes peeled for evidence of faerie magic or an escape route from this mundane world.

The first misstep occurred when Rey stepped on an old manhole cover. It had been badly weakened, rotted to rust from below so that when she put her weight on that foot, it gave way. She fell with a cry and might have fallen into the sewer some ten feet below and broken something. As it was, Less caught her. It was Less that noticed the mystical tripwires made of pure darkness and woven into a cat's cradle across the alley and enabled them to pick their way past. Then, as they crept very carefully onward, Less nearly lost an eye when a something dark and red erupted from the brick wall. His quick reflexes saved him. Rey identified a series of mystic runes written in blood upon the wall. Like the cat's cradle trap, it forced them to crawl, hop, and crouch to pass them without setting them off like claymore mines.

Their pursuers weren't so lucky. Here and there they heard a "whump" followed by a roar or a more human scream. They weren't having a good time with the traps. But they still heard footsteps growing near, so they pressed on.

It was so dark here, it was hard even to see one's hand in front of his face. The only light was indirect, from the sliver of a moon that gazed sleepily into the night, barely affording any light at all. When the alley came to an end at a solid wall, it seemed they would have to face their foes. But then Less's hands found the frame of an empty doorway; Rey's toes found the edge of the fallen door.

Something sniffed the air behind them, then growled. Looking back they saw the man in the hoody, his yellow eyes glaring and insane. He wasn't looking at them but was looking around himself. After a moment, Rey realized he smelled the blood but didn't see where the runes were. Really good night vision tended to wash out color. The red blood of the runes looked black then, blending in with the dark walls. Hoody didn't know how to bypass the barrier but was looking for another way. Then another scream of pain from his cohort shattered the stillness. With an angry growl he turned and loped away.

"It's like these traps were set here to protect us," Less whispered into the darkness.

"Now do you still think this was their trap?" Rey replied in a whisper of her own. "We need to keep moving, put more distance between them and us."

"No, but it did seem like they were forcing us to run here."

The doorway seemed the only way to go, so proceeding inside, they had to move more by feel than anything. They climbed heaps of trash and found a rickety staircase, then something like a catwalk. Once up that high, the filthy glass of the skylights showed them they were suspended over a portion of a large building. Somewhere far ahead, beyond the end of the catwalk, a flickering yellow-orange glow lured them.

Progress across the catwalk was not silent, at least not where they had to place foot to rusty steel. Less, with his command over air, could have simply ridden his umbrella along if he wanted, though it might be a little too easily to bash into an iron support, or even the floor before he saw it was there. Caution seemed the safer course, and Rey would have to use the catwalk anyway, negating any attempt at stealth in any case.

When they arrived at the far end, they had only to take a few steps to find themselves on the roof of an office of some kind, from which they could look out. During the day, one might imagine this was some minor storage building connected to the abandoned factory. The office then would be positioned at the height of a second story. Where they found themselves, and the source of the light, was on top of that office.

A brunette woman crouched there holding Mira. There were a few blankets strewn about and a lot of candles, with many burnt down to mere stumps. Two blankets were wrapped around Mira who still sat curled on the floor with her arms around her knees. She was shaking, her hair stringy and face dripping with sweat. While the brunette, Kiera, looked up at them warily, Mira's face lifted slightly. Her eyes were closed but she smiled and said with unnatural calm given the circumstances, "Hello Rey. Hello Less. It seems you made it in time after all."

"In time for what?" Rey couldn't help but ask.

"I hope she means to take my place and let me get the hell out of this damned place," Kiera said. She stood up, and brushed uselessly at the dirt ground into her too-tight miniskirt and cheap stockings. "I am so done with this. Here." She thrust a journal and pen in Rey and Less's direction, not caring who took it up so long as it didn't have to be her anymore.

Rey instinctively took the proffered items and looked down at them, wondering what was going on. They seemed to be simple tools; a Bic pen and a beat-up journal.

Less kneeled down. He wanted to hold and succor Mira but offered her his canteen instead. Before asking Mira for a long explanation, he looked to Rey for confirmation that the story laid within the journal. "Thank you for taking care of her, Kiera. If you wait for us, we will help you get home safely."

"Well I didn't do much. She wouldn't let me. I think she's really sick, maybe caught something from that --"

"Shut it, Kiera," Mira interrupted sharply. She smiled at Less. "I take it you got my messages?" She took the canteen and drank while he answered.

"I got a message from you," said Less carefully, all his eyes glancing to and from the assembled people. "Earlier tonight: to trust you and run from the jaguar-men."

"Why are you watching me?" Rey asked as she tucked the journal and pen into an inside pocket of her jacket and sipped the pocket closed. "I got the same message you did, at the same time."

Mira nodded, ignoring Rey's question at first. "Good. Then you both got that message, and another message went to Remy. Anyway I'm not sick in the way Kiera said it. And I'm not watching you. I was watching you."

"Yes. You are too sick," Kiera insisted. She rolled her eyes and looked at Rey and Less. "We've been here two days now. Hardly any food. No water. We spend all morning moving around and then she spends the afternoon doing... I don't know. Stuff."

"I repair the web, placing the strings, making us safe," Mira said.

"Whatever. Then she spends all night raving and making me write it down." She turned an accusing look toward Mira. "You have a fever, you're sweating. How can you possibly be anything but sick?" She shook her head and turned away. "She won't listen to me anyway."

Mira merely smiled. It wasn't important that Kiera understood. The truth would make no difference at all, only cause certain things to fall into place, certain things that would force a most unpleasant outcome for all. "Rey, will you please call someone who could get us out of here? There is a Door to Faerie here, but it is to a dark place."

If Mira called a place dark, Rey thought, she wasn't referring to a place without light. She nodded to her friend and pulled out her cell phone, but before making a call, she called up a mapping program to figure out they were first. Once she had that, she called a number she recently had memorized. After two rings, the call connected. "I need an extraction from a rooftop at the southeast corner of Whethersby and Mottoun," Rey said immediately. "Four people, including Mira. And you need to make it fast. We're still being hunted." She listened for a moment, then nodded. "Got it."

She looked at the others. "A helicopter will be here in ten minutes, fifteen tops."

Mira nodded her understanding. Kiera was openly surprised. "That will be sweet. I never been in one before."

"What are the chances the things hunting us can get up here?" Rey asked Mira.

"Good. They will be in soon after dawn, when my magic is weakest," Mira said. "We must be rescued or move on before then."

"I don't think there will be a problem with the helicopter getting us out of here before dawn," Rey replied, pretty sure Mira said that at dawn, the magic protections she put up will go poof, letting the bad guys in.

"Who do you know with a helicopter?" asked Less. Getting a stern look in response redirected his questioning back to Mira. "What did you find in Phoenix? How did that end up with you holed up here sending us text messages from the past? Which means you were sending text messages into the future from Phoenix..." His orderly, structured brain was having a tough time dealing with the paradoxes.

"Remember the expedition in the jungle we stumbled across? I found out who they were, where they were and therefore, where we were," Mira said. "Some of the women of their expedition went missing some time after we passed through your Gate to escape. One of those women, Harley Jacobson, was part of a lecture on jungle survival. And, I learned all those women were pregnant when they were recovered, save for the one that fell to her death. I spent a lot of time looking for this information, despite being told I was being paranoid, seeing things that weren't there. I was right, Less. But not in the way any of use might have imagined.

"After the lecture I went to see Harley in private. I followed her from the lecture to her hotel room where I asked her about her pregnancy. She wasn't pregnant anymore, you see and I wanted to know what happened. She miscarried. Then I asked her to tell me what she really remembered from that jungle and at first she denied remembering it, but I knew that was a lie. She remembered enough to describe in detail trying to survive on her own in the jungle before the rescue teams found her. I knew she remembered more so I pressed. That's when she lost her temper. She turned into this huge jaguar and I had to beat her down, hard. After I did that, I took some of her blood and left."

"Why did you take her blood?" Rey asked. She knew of lots of magical things that could be done with that blood, but was the nymph thinking of getting it analyzed? "And were you careful? The virus that creates Feral therianthropes is transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids. You could get infected."

Sexually-tranmitted lycanthropy! Less was suddenly rather glad the Fae could not normally have children.[1] "How did the jaguar-men find you?"

Mira looked between her friends. All the talking seemed to be tiring her further[2]. She laughed weakly. "Careful? Is anything we do really safe? I required the connection. To see what they were doing. That's how I knew they'd be waiting at the bus station, how I knew what would happen and is happening. He seeks a true heir. He must. Now the way is open, because of us. This is survival. Do or die. I'm very tired..."

As frustrated as Rey was, she knew they wouldn't be able to get a easier to understand answer until the madness that gripped her had run its course. She looked at her watch, then to the skies for signs of the approaching helicopter.

Less hugged her then, squeezed her within her blanket, a girl lost to fever. "Oh, sweet Mira. You sacrifice so much for us. Why will you not let us share the burden?"

"Tried," she murmured, then rested her head on his shoulder.

A short time later, the beat of helicopter blades intruded upon the quiet. Above, bright lights came into view that flooded the area they occupied. Kiera looked relieved as a heavy rescue basket descended from the bottom of the helicopter. It crashed through glass skylights above, sending shards raining down to the warehouse floor and safely missing any of them. When the heavy rescue basket, large enough for five, descended to a point that was level to the roof of the office, a man dressed in a black outfit and wearing kevlar armor stepped off it. He was armed with some kind of carbine-style automatic rifle, pistols and little round spheres hooked to his built that looked suspiciously like hand grenades. He looked around and saw three of them on their feet.

He jerked a head in the direction of the basket and covered them with his weapon at the ready, just in case something tried to jump them as they attempted to escape. After helping Mira into the basket, the whole group boarded. The armed man backed into the basket as well, signaled with a thumb's up, and the helicopter cranked them up.

Once everyone was inside the helicopter, it banked and swept away, leaving the darkest part of Mythic City behind them. They traveled for a time until they left Mythic. Lights from below grew more sparse, then picked up again as they traveled over Santa Fe, heading south. Finally, it dropped in altitude and descended on what looked like a very well maintained, walled estate. When it landed, they were able to exit as the helicopter powered down.

The SWAT-like guards from the chopper formed a loose escort around them and were joined by a couple more who were waiting a safe distance away beside a handsome, dark-haired man of medium height.

Rey shook her head and bit back a frown. She knew he'd be there. How could he not be. Bastard. "Remy," she said when she and the others got closer.

"Miss Lafitte," Remy replied with a nod of greeting. "I have rooms prepared for all of you, and there is medical staff to care for Mira."

Mira, leaning on Less heavily for support, mumbled, "Oh there you are Remy. I didn't know you could fly..."

Less wasn't pleased to be dropped into a guarded vampire den, but it was far better than the alternative. "Mira is feverish. She needs rest and water."

"This way, sir," one of the armed guards said, and lead Less and Mira toward an open door on the left-hand side of the large patio.

"I need to return to Mythic," Rey said to Remy, though she turned her attention to Kiera. "Kiera, I can drop you off at the apartment after we grab a bite to eat, if you're interested."

"Are you sure you wouldn't like to stay," Remy cut in, his voice sauve, sophisticated and inviting. "I've put you in the same suite as Mira. One of the best ones in the house."

She puzzled over that. On the one hand, Remy was attractive and obviously rich. She was reasonably sure food could be had, too. On the other hand, sticking around Mira wasn't a plus. "I appreciate the offer Rey, but Mira has dragged me around the country for more than four days now. I'm starving and haven't slept for going on three days. If uh, Remy? here is willing to lend some crash space and I don't have to deal with Mira's rantings, I'd just like to eat something and pass out ASAP." She looked hopefully at Remy to confirm she wouldn't have to stick that close to Mira.

"That can be easily arranged," Remy said with his trademark smile.

Rey suppressed a surge of annoyance at Kiera. Idiot woman taken in by Remy's looks and his fat wad of cash. Typical. Unfortunately, Rey wasn't willing to leave Kiera without protection, as she had no idea if Less would bestir himself from Mira's side unless he had to.

"Remy Dupres," Rey said, her voice taking on a formality it rarely had. "I request Hospitality for myself and those who arrived here with me."

The vampire looked at Rey and raised an eyebrow. Insult warred with surprise at the fact she'd invoked such an ancient tradition and trusted him to hold to it, and a healthy dose of amused respect that she dared such a thing. But he wanted Mira there, as well as Kiera, if he wanted any chance of being able to learn what the nymph had said while under the influence of her prophetic abilities. "Of course," he replied with a gracious nod.

Her gaze hardened slightly, and she said something in rapidfire french. Remy's face went perfectly still for a moment, then gave her a three word reply. She nodded, and gave him an honest and pleasant smile.

She becomes more dangerous every time we encounter each other, Remy thought. One day, something will have to be done.

Less brought Mira to the suite that the guard led them to. He left her on the bed while he drew a cool bath. Without removing her clothes, he picked her up and lowered her into the soothing bath. He sat back on the toilet to consider the situation while he waited for Mira to recover from her madness.

He watched her fall fast asleep and slip beneath the surface of the water, but knew she would suffer no harm from it. Hours slipped by. He checked from time to time, but she seemed very much at rest and peaceful.

For Rey and Kiera, it was similar. Food and drink were offered, which Kiera accepted with gusto. After that, it was a trip to a shower and then she found her way into a bed prepared for her. She, too, slept the day away. It looked like she needed it.

Naps restored Less and Rey as well. Not as tired as Mira or Kiera, it had nonetheless been a very long night. But as the sun set, both became alert.

In the large, private bath where Mira had been place, she quietly surfaced and looked around. Seeing Less there made her smile. She began wiggling out of her old clothes, causing Less to turn away. It hardly mattered, though, for he could see in any direction. Still, her nudity didn't taunt him for long; she stood and then wrapped a towel around herself to save him any embarrassment.

"Welcome back," he said. "You went a long way this time." He straightened his tie to cover his emotions. "It's a good thing Rey has the direct line to Remy's helicopter hotline. The jaguars have followed us home."

Mira's smile, present when he welcomed her, turned distant. "Have they? Or were they sent because I have the truth in hand, if only I could recall it." She angled her head, her gaze intent. "I must recover the journal Kiera kept. She heard everything I need to hear, wrote what I need to decode my memory."

Lost in fevers or dreams, Mira's prophecies were accurate but she found them impossible to recall clearly. She had to have notes in order to recall them later. It occurred to Less there were two copies of those notes -- one by Kiera's hand in that journal Kiera gave to Rey. The other copy existed in Kiera's mind. Yet neither of those were likely to be easy to decipher. They were like a form of shorthand only an oracle could easily decode.

"Your journal is safe with Rey. When did you discover the truth? You only went to Phoenix four days ago, well, five now. The jaguar-men don't seem like the type who would easily hop onboard an international flight. Why is Remy so interested in all of this? For the same reason he was kidnapping werewolves?" Less remembered his manners. "I'm afraid I didn't think to pack any goblin-fruit." He indicated his travelling attire. "We were on our way to hunt jaguars in the Sonoran Desert when we realized you had already returned to Mythic."

Mira looked surprised. "Remy was not kidnapping werewolves," she said. "And the truth is... complex. When I did all that research, I thought it was simple, but it was like seeing just the hoof and guessing the animal rather than seeing the whole ox. If you get me? So I resorted to using every resource I could. The result is that I know the truth is bigger, but not exactly what it is. I need the journal to make sense of it."

"Oh right, you said it was the Mythic City vampires and not the Santa Fe vampires that had werewolves in chains." Less wouldn't put up any money on Remy having no influence on MC vamps. "Well, we'd best get you to your journal. Do you keep clothes here?"

Werecat Collectors 3


  1. This is actually a matter of some debate. Shadowgate has no rules against it, so it's settled on a case by case basis. If it makes sense, then it could happen -- if the Player is on board with it. If the player is ambivalent, it might be left to a dice roll. In game, Less may be right in many cases. But the more human-like the fae, the more likely it is possible. In Shadowgate, we see children of fae become fae themselves (if the mother is fae, especially). Can Mira get pregnant if she isn't careful? Being that she is a nymph, oh yes. It's quite possible.
  2. Mira had to pay for a ton of very informative visions she had. These are mostly written down because it's hard for her to recall any of them later, but reviewing what is written will allow her to recall what they were. Therefore, stuff in that journal will seem very vague and weird to most people, but it will trigger memory of the vision for Mira.
    • She risked Feral Infection and is suffering Fevers.
    • Is Too Weak to Fight
    • She Suffers from Delirium and Paranoia